About Us

Provision of alternative sanitary products for the South African Market

Our company specializes in the provision of alternative sanitary products called menstrual cups for the South African Market.

We aim to make menstrual cups not only accessible and affordable, but also fashionable for all menstruators in the country.

We believe a massive adoption of these will be of benefit to not only our environment but also reduce the burden on the already strained household income.

Every household rand received per month has so many competing needs for essentials such as food, electricity and clothing which make the necessary monthly expense on sanitary products a real burden on many families. 

Our company also strives to empower young people across the country by giving them opportunities to become resellers of our products.

We want to be able to reach communities far and wide and we have chosen this approach to enable members of these communities to earn a living through our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make menstrual cups the first option for South Africa’s young women.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a South Africa completely free of period poverty.