Instructions of how to use Convini Cups

For many the thought of using a Convini Cup for the first time may be quite daunting. We do advise that you relax and experiment with the cup initially before you get to your period. This will give you an opportunity to experience the presence of the cup and build confidence without pressure.

Sterilize the Convini cup by placing it in boiling water before first use.

Wash your hands with soap to get rid of any bacteria

Wipe your Convini cup dry before insertion

Find a comfortable position that works for you for insertion. You may need to squad down, put one foot on the toilet, sit on the toilet or stand up.

Fold the Convini cup in a C-shape to make it smaller for insertion. There are several alternative folding methods that you can use and they are available on the internet.

Relax in a position you are comfortable with and insert your Convini Cup into your vagina. Once the entire cup is inside let go so that it pops open. It is important to make sure your Convini cup is unfolded by feeling around the base and it should be round or oval. This will create a vacuum to ensure that there are no leaks.

When removing cup always make sure your hands are washed to get rid of any bacteria. Pull the stem while using your stomach to push the Convini cup downwards. Pinch the stem of the cup gently to break the vacuum seal and ensure the cup is completely upright to limit spillage.

Empty your Convini Cup inside the toilet or basin and rinse with water ensuring the air holes are completely clean. Wipe your Convini Cup dry and repeat the insertion process. At the end of your period wash your Convini Cup and place it back in its satin bag until your next period.